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Breaking Bad Habits

Are there things that you do, that you really wish you didn't do?

Something that is automatic and seems to be a compulsion for you?

Hypnosis and NLP are the perfect tools for overcoming unconscious habits.

Sleep Therapy

  • Are you tired but you still can't sleep?
  • Do you have trouble turning down the mental chatter?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed at times and fatigued?

What effect poor sleep can have on you:

  • Irritability, mood swings.
  • Mental overload.
  • Lowered energy levels.
  • Weakened immune system.

A sleep problem is described as having great difficulty getting to sleep, or waking in the night unable to return to restful sleep. You have a sleep problem if this has been occurring for 3 months or longer. If this has been happening for years, you should seek help today. How would it feel to wake up fresh, alert and energised for the day? It is possible. The smallest changes can really make a big difference.

Emotional Release Work

Emotions are a natural part of life. It is when these feelings become persistent that it can be difficult to deal with. Of course children are the masters of their emotions, because the don't try to master them. A toddler can be completely hysterical in one moment and in the next be as if nothing happened. Kids don't get attached to negative emotions the way we do. This can be the key for us to move on, by letting go of the attachment.

Some emotions are based in the past, such as; anger and grief, these are about things that have already happened. With past based emotions we want to use those as learning experiences and to find something to be grateful for. Some emotions are based in the future, such as; anxiety and fear, these are about things that haven't even happened. We can change these anxieties by changing our perspective.

The past is to be grateful for, the future is for inspiration and the present is for taking action. As a part of my 'Active Mind Management' program you will learn how to centre your emotions in the present moment, you will learn how to get grounded and be truly present.


Release your self from these emotions:
  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks 
  • Anger
  • Grief
  • Fear 
  • Doubt
  • Guilt
  • Depression 


Success Coaching

Now that you are nearing your centre of balance and you have eliminated those old habits, what's next for you? Take your life to the next level!

YOU have the ability to achieve great things. There is not a person alive who wants; less health, less fulfilling relationships and less money. There are specific tried and tested strategies to achieve virtually any goal.

Show me a successful person and I will show you a 'success mindset'. The person who makes the right decision at the right time, the person who seizes opportunity with both hands. Be a person who takes action.

I have just launched a new program called 'Active Mind Management' which is a series of strategies and disciplines to achieve in any area of your life. Achieve in your career, relationships and fitness, you will gain the confidence to achieve any goal you want.

It all starts with you and what you want. Would you like to have amazing health? Would you like to be confident in all areas of your life? Would you like to gain self-mastery emotionally and spiritually?



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